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G-J_.JPG (10386 bytes)

These pics were taken on a trip to Ameland, an island north of the Netherlands.

Gert-Jan, sitting in a train just being cool....and   drinking coke. If you want to screw up your mobile him.


HEIN_D_.JPG (11463 bytes) From the left to the right:

Hein "ART" Labots

Detmar "BUTCHER" Slager

Gert-Jan "WOODY" Bos

Sitting in a f*cking bus....

GROEP2_.JPG (15083 bytes)  

Now that's what I call a tent, right?

You see two "new" guys: the one with the red cap is Alexander, the guy on the right is Gertjan.

Actually it's me in the center, with the green shirt, hitting (NOT) Gert-Jan.

WEIRDOS_.JPG (7586 bytes) This pic was taken at the famous beach of Erm......

We were contesting in a beach volleyball tournament.

Me on the left, and my best friend (it will cost you a beer, Detmar)  on the right.

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