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Snowboarding in Val Thorens, French I'm never gonna ski again!

Diditsm.jpg (18256 bytes) Did it....done it...doin' it tomorrow!

(that's me and my friend Gert-Jan)

Lem1sm.jpg (14812 bytes) Menno, René, Teun and Gert-Jan, chilling out.
Lem2sm.jpg (18582 bytes) Après-ski (pronounce: drinking a lot after skiing...)
Menno, Gert-Jan, Astrid and Ignate.


Lem3sm.jpg (18618 bytes) Eating's like shoarma, Egyptian stuff.
Bart on the left, Astrid & Ignate.
Teunsm.jpg (17635 bytes) Ouch! This is Teun and he hurt his knee. So he went to the doctor and guess what:
In an hour and a half he came back in the pub......with X-ray pictures! This was kinda cool.....

By the way, how's your knee, Teun?
(I'd love to scan those pics.....)

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